Rec & Royal


The Rec & Royal Experience

Rec & Royal provides two unique experiences in an artfully crafted venue.

The comprehensive cocktail program features craft cocktails non-alcoholic options that infuse fresh ingredients with premium spirits.

Rec & Royal was founded and formed by Home Hospitality Group (HHG) in 2019. HHG is filled with seasoned professionals who have a history of creating successful ventures in entertainment.

Experience Rec
An alternative nightlife experience immersing patrons in an adult playground creating camaraderie amongst friends. Rec also offers unique hospitality suites where patrons can enjoy a more private experience.

Experience Royal
A boutique nightclub that incorporates cutting edge design and a sophisticated feel. A state of the art sound system and stunning lighting/visual display captivate your senses while impeccable service provides an arena for you to revel in the party atmosphere.

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by Rec & Royal